Fishing report 01/09/16


  Unusually high water levels for this time of year have finally begun to recede. We ended up cresting at over 10 feet above our winter pool. The water is receding at around a foot  a day and should continue  for the next five to six days. Hopefully within the next few weeks we should be back down to near normal levels. This should improve the fishing tremendously.
  The weather has been ok during these high water levels but the fishing has not been very predictable. As the water reaches more normal levels I suspect the fishing will greatly improve.
   I have been using this time to prepare brush piles and stake buckets for fish habitat. Always can use a little down time to freshen up your equipment and get everything back in order. Fingers crossed for lower water levels and mild temperatures for some good times winter crappie fishing. 

You won’t know if you don’t go.

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