Fishing report 02/06/2016


  Big crappie seem to be everywhere this year so far. I have been to Big Sandy, Blood River and Johnathon Creek and have caught at least one two pounder per trip. Today’s best 7 weighed 13.4 pounds.
  Conditions have been a little challenging for the start of February.  Water levels are fluctuating a couple feet around the winter pool range. The last rain we had really muddied the water toward the backs of the bays. The closer you get to the main lake the better the water color is. Temp has been near steady around 47 degrees.
  Today’s fish came from 20 to 22 feet of water. Most came on ledges out toward the mouth of Blood River. We were vertical fishing with Bobby Garland scented wigglers. Orange and chartreuse was the best color for us early but as the sun came out the purple and chartreuse got good.
  Hopefully the water will clear up a little this week. The bays are fishing kind of small with all the muddy water running in.
  You won’t know if you don’t go. 



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