Fishing Report 02/19/2016

Finally had a good day to go fishing with not much wind. The bite was slow but the size of the fish was tremendous. Fished hard today and only ended up with 11 keepers but you sure can’t beat the size of these big white crappie.

Today we spent the day in Jonathan Creek. I’m not hearing much difference in the catch numbers from Big Sandy to Blood River or Jonathan Creek. Seems to be about the same conditions all over the lake.

Watercolor is still slightly stained in all the major bays. There is from 6 to about 12 inches of visibility. Out on the main lake its quite a bit clearer with maybe a foot to a foot and a half  of visibility. Water temp was 40 degrees  when we got there and had warmed up to 44 when we left.

Today’s fishing method was pretty simple. We fished vertical with jigs and minnows in 9 to 12 foot of water around the creek ledges in Jonathan Creek. We had about 50/50 between the minnows and the jigs.  

You won’t know if you don’t go.


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