Fishing Report 4/30/16

Crappie fishing is still good here on kentucky lake. Switching to minnows this week has been a good choice. We were catching alot more on the minnows than we could on jigs. All our fish are coming over cover in 8 to 12 feet of water.

Fishing report 4 /14/16

The crappie spawn is in full swing now here around the blood River area. Black and white crappie are moving up by the minute into the shallow water. We have 60 to 61 degree water temps and the next seven or eight days are forecast to be in the low 70s for highs. There is…

Fishing report 3 / 29 / 16

A little windy today but still managed to catch some good ones. Fished really moved up good today. We had some in 6 to 8 foot on the tops of ledges also caught a few on the bank in 3 feet. All we need is a couple of more warm days and it’s going to…

Fishing report 3/8/2016

  Fishing has been pretty good for the last couple days. Fingers crossed for less rain than forecast. If we get the 4 to 6 inches that is forecast it could muddy our water up and kill the bite. Sure hope the weather man misses this forecast.

Fishing report 02/06/2016

  Big crappie seem to be everywhere this year so far. I have been to Big Sandy, Blood River and Johnathon Creek and have caught at least one two pounder per trip. Today’s best 7 weighed 13.4 pounds.   Conditions have been a little challenging for the start of February.  Water levels are fluctuating a…